Since 1994 we have been in the Greek retail market offering IT services and products. The IT market has seen rising rapidly. We experienced the intrusion and growth of IT chains in the market where we quickly realized that market trends were successfully matched by collaborations.


2008 - present day

The landmark year for the IT market. The crisis has invaded small markets in the IT area since the beginning of 2008 without any exceptions. Since 2009 we have been engaged in product brokerage in the Greek and Cypriot markets. We have set up network communication and entertainment products in major IT companies in Greece and Cyprus.

1998 - 2007

In the ten years we have turned our attention to foreign markets looking for new challenges with growth goals. A low but stable indicator has changed the whole organization of the business by offering, alongside products, consulting services to IT companies. Partnerships with retail chains and IT distribution channels have begun.